“International Macroeconomics” Chair, Banque de France – PSE

This chair was created in September 2009 and is based at the Paris School of Economics. It is the result of a partnership between the French central bank, member of the Eurosystem, and an international research center in Economics. Sharing the same vision about scientific needs on international issues, these two organisations joint their efforts to build a Chair with the objective of fostering the development of research on the financial & monetary international system, and in international Macroeconomics.

“Macroeconomic Risk” Chair, SCOR – PSE

In September 2017, the SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science and the Paris School of Economics created a research chair in macroeconomic risk. Funded by SCOR, whose mission includes “encouraging research into and disseminating the resulting knowledge about risk”, the chair is held by PSE. It aims to promote the development and dissemination of research into a number of areas linked to the issue of macroeconomic risk, and which are of common interest to SCOR and PSE.